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Accident Law Center Testimonials 

We were seriously hurt when a drunk driver hit our car running a red light. I contacted the Accident Law Center and spoke with Andy Van Le. He was very sympathetic. His office immediately referred both my husband and I to a network of doctors. His services allowed us to focus on my recovery as his office dealt with the insurance companies and the responsible driver. This was really helpful as we were getting very frustrated with handling this matter ourselves. To anybody considering handling their own case, we do not recommend it. A good law office can take away a lot of the frustration, run around, and delay tactics of the big insurance companies. They have the ability to file a lawsuit and force the insurance company to make a payment. We got a really big settlement that we know we would not have gotten had it not been for Andy’s office.
-Monica & Mario

I slip and fell in my apartment complex while walking down stairs. I ended up aggravating a very bad back. I tried contacting many other law offices. Most of the offices would not take my case because they said I would likely lose due to the fact that I did not hold the handrail and that it was my own apartment complex where I fell. I was happy to find this office and Andy. His office did take the case and believed in me. He was able to set me up with pain management doctors, orthopedic surgeons, chiropractors, physical therapist and MRI facilities. He even got the doctors to perform surgery on my back. The insurance company that represented the apartment complex was playing hard ball and would not make any offers. Andy’s office filed a lawsuit for me. The insurance company continued to deny the case. Andy’s office persisted. He ended up proving that the lighting in the apartment was off at the time preventing me from seeing the water on the stairs. He also proved that the apartment had many notice of the defective conditions of the stairs and lighting yet refused to do anything. The insurance company quickly changed their position and accepted fault issuing a very sizable payment.

I was stopped by security in a major department store for allegedly shoplifting. I told the store security I did not steal anything but they unlawfully held me and searched me in front of everyone. When they did not find anything, all they offered me was an apology. I was humiliated, embarrassed and just crying inside. I went to Andy’s office and spoke with him and his staff. They listened to me, explained the process they would take and assured me that they would get the department store to admit its mistake by more than just a verbal apology. Andy’s office filed a lawsuit for me. He prepared me and told me what to expect. Everything he stated was true. Through the help of Andy’s office, the department store more than issued an apology they paid me for everything they put me through.

My son was killed in a car accident when the car he was driving was struck by another car. We were referred to Andy’s office by a friend who used him on another matter. Andy and his office were extremely sensitive to my situation. The insurance at first stated that the other driver was not insured. Andy fought with them on this issue and finally convinced them that they insured that driver. The insurance company then sent over an offer for their limits. Andy explained to me what this mean and the implications of the offer and settlement. He did not push me to accept the offer but was very supportive of whatever decision I made.
-Grateful client

I was involved in a low impact car accident. The insurance company for the other driver denied my case. I told them that I was hurt but they didn’t believe me because they said that the low impact could not have caused me any injuries. I then contacted the Accident Law Center. Andy’s office took the case and immediately filed suit as he told me my statute of limitations was about to expire. The insurance company continued to deny the case all the way up to a few months before trial when they offered a very low amount. Andy relayed the low ball offer to me. He explained what he thought of the offer and that he was confident that we could beat the offer. I listened to him and we tried my case in front of a jury. This gave me a chance to explain to a jury that I was hurt, that I did not fake my injuries and that it was all caused by the accident. A jury came back and believed me. We won thanks to the confidence Andy and his office had in me.
-Satisfied client

I was seriously injured in a car accident which left me hospitalized for months. I went to an attorney that told me he had tons of experience referred to me by my daughter. This attorney was not very responsive to my calls and ended up doing nothing on my case for almost 2 years. When I finally got fed up, I asked around for another lawyer. Andy’s office was referred to me by a friend. I was able to meet with Andy at his office right away. He was very nice and professional but I wasn’t going to make the same mistake again. However, Andy was very knowledgeable and answered all of my questions. He also had me fill out documents to file a lawsuit right away because he explained that I had less than a couple days to file because my statute of limitations was expiring. Within two months of the lawsuit, Andy set up a mediation with the other driver’s insurance company and got a settlement for their full policy limits. I am so glad I found Andy Van Le’s office.
-Satisfied client